Fortune asks Eligo CEO Alexander Goldstein about trusting your gut in business

Trusting your gut more often than not comes with the territory of running a business. Decisions often need to be made daily, sometimes even hourly, and it’s your job to be able to solve these problems both rationally and quickly. Most would argue that rationale stems from experience, while being quick on your feet depends on your business style and personality. Where the two seem to meet creates the infamous “gut feeling.” From business leaders to junior staff members, the gut feeling is universal. It speaks all languages and crosses all aspects of business and life.

But, as we have all probably experienced, gut feelings don’t always lead us to the right decision. So how do you know when to trust them? I’ve learned there are two ways to tackle this. The first has always been to approach tough business decisions with knowledge of the past. For example, I almost always try to recount a time in my life I’ve been in a parallel situation by asking myself, “Have I ever experienced anything similar to this?” If you can find similarities in past decisions you’ve made, it can help put your current circumstance into perspective. I have found that the more similar a situation is, the more familiar I am with it, meaning my gut feeling tends to be stronger. Normally, I go with my gut then—the feeling is there because my subconscious is trying to remind me that I’ve done this before.

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