FOX News and Eligo’s CEO have “15 Ways to Take Control of Spiraling Energy Costs”

Offices come with their own particular set of energy savings challenges. Maintaining buildings systems and creating the best possible work environment for tenants, all while maximizing energy savings is hardly a simple undertaking. Unfortunately, even the most experienced building and facilities managers can make simple mistakes that lead to unnecessary energy consumption and heightened electrical bills.

To navigate these challenges, we have collected and debunked leading office energy myths, found the top 5 ways to save money on your energy bills and explain the most common mistakes regarding office energy use:

1. Always buy EnergyStar products.

Products with an EnergyStar mark are the most energy efficient and will save you a considerable amount of money in energy costs compared to standard models. So make sure all of the office appliances bear the mark to ensure you don’t miss out on easy savings.

2. Turn the lights off when you leave the room.

Leaving a light on will always consume more energy than turning it on and off, as needed. If the bulb is on, it is using electricity, and if it’s off, it isn’t — it’s as simple as that. A light bulb doesn’t use extra electricity turning itself back on. Instead of leaving a light on in an empty conference room, make it a habit to turn off your lights when not in use. Using natural light during the day time will reduce the amount of energy you use each day.

Continue reading at Energy Costs

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