Month: May 2016

Eligo’s CEO has some money saving tips in CBS’s Small Business Pulse

3 Ways To Keep Costs Down By Saving Money On Your Business’s Utility Bills

Opening and operating your own business is by no means cheap. There are a number of different important fixed and variable costs that you’ll always have to pay, including rent, salaries, insurance, maintenance and utilities, which, when added up can come out to a lot of money. So when there’s an opportunity to save major bucks, wouldn’t you want to take it?

I figure that any business owner would answer the above question with a resounding “Yes, of course I want to save money when and where possible.” Here is a small checklist of things you can do to ensure that your energy bill remains low so you can put your money to better use, improve the business, employ top talent and make yourself more profitable.


Conduct a light audit

screen shot 2015 08 31 at 3 41 10 pm1 3 Ways To Keep Costs Down By Saving Money On Your Businesss Utility Bills

Did you know that lighting accounts for nearly 30 percent of your energy bill? Because LED lights consume 80 percent less energy that traditional light sources, and they last 40 times longer, switching all of your lights to LED bulbs can stop you from wasting energy, which ends up reducing your energy bill. There are tons of companies that will offer a free lighting audit. Check online for local companies willing to conduct an audit of your offices so you can minimize your lighting bill and maximize your savings.

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Eligo’s Mark Freidgan interviewed about the rebound of crude oil on Voice of America

“Since 2008, global central banks, including the Federal Reserve, have cut rates over 650 times, which has not spurred any economic growth. In fact, global GDPs are in a decline,” Kalayjian said. “The recent rally is based on false hope of more Quantitative Easing when markets should be moving on solid fundamentals like strong corporate earnings and healthy economic data.”

Mark Friedgan, Co-Founder & CIO of Eligo Energy, is in agreement with Kalayjian. “While QE may have been necessary to preserve the global economy when it began, after more than seven years of various forms of QE worldwide, it must eventually end,” Friedgan said. “The concern I have is that this end to artificial government influence on the economy will result in a day of reckoning for investors who have been chasing yield in both exchange-traded assets and private investment. The economy and markets must prove that they can survive and grow substantially without this government tailwind.”

Watch the video here Quantitative Easing