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Energy is much more fascinating than outlets & light bulbs. We exist because of it.  Understanding how anything has the ability to work begins with being cognizant of energy.


Read on to see our short list of podcasts that are sure to educate and entertain you during your commute.

1. The Energy Gang: a GTM podcast
GTM logo

From Green Tech Media, the leading information services provider for this next-generation electricity system, come a weekly digest on energy, clean tech and the environment.  They discuss everything from world-wide energy current events to record-breaking range on electrically charged vehicles, and the science behind such feats

2.  Direct Current: an energy.gov podcastdirect current logoUS department of Energy’s podcast is anything but boring.  many of the episodes involve real-life stories including confidential research projects of the past, present, and future, understanding electrical grids, and climate change.  A few episodes are dedicated to providing seasonal energy-saving tips to keep your costs down all year round. Direct Current has it all.

3. More Power To You: Josh Cohen
MPTYlogoJosh Cohen, a clean energy consultant and advocate, hosts a podcast featuring many expert guests to discuss all things energy. Topics include sustainable clean energy economy, and advancements in projects to further the utilization of clean and renewable energy sources. Very exciting to hear about the electrification of transportation in episode 30, as well as theoretic outlooks on our future grid system.

4. Power Hour: Alex Epstein
alex epstein
Alex, author of “The Moral Cases for Fossil Fuels”, hosts an energy power hour that covers today’s top energy issues. Topical coverage includes, but is not limited to, nuclear power, climate models, physics, and myth/scam busting.

Some Honorable Episode Mentions include:
How Electricity Works: Stuff you Should Know
Reversing the Grid: 99PI
For Children- The Nerve! Electricity in our bodies: Brains On!

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