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Ahhh, Valentine’s Day.  Significant other + Dinner reservations + flowers = …usual protocol.  If you’re like most people, the monotony of that equation is getting, well, monotonous.  Luckily for you, we’ve come up with a few creative options that are sure to shake it up! Step out of the norm and get to know your S.O. apart from gazing at each other from across the table.
***Bonus- Bro Brunch and Galentine’s Day are amazing alternatives to “singles awareness” day.  Even if you are taken, set aside the Sunday before or after V-day to celebrate your friendships.

  1. Karaoke Night

Bust out your gift of song.
Forget candlelight, make it a Karaoke night! Whether you and your beau are adrenaline seekers or not, karaoke can be a fantastic way to ignite new and possibly uncharted romantic territory.  Singing itself is an intimate activity, but singing to the one you love is an exemplary form of romantic expression. Why not have fun with it by letting loose at karaoke?

For those without singing inhibitions, go ahead and belt out your love tune at any open-mic karaoke night!  If you may be a little more reserved, but still want to try it out, consider renting out a small karaoke room! They’re a lot more common than you’d think!
Some places to consider in Chicago:
Brando’s Speakeasy, Holiday Club, Wise Owl, & private rooms at Yuki Hana & Lincoln Karaoke

2. Netflix and Fort Building or Picnic

Create a cozy cuddle-zone.


Let’s be real, this is ALWAYS going to win the heart of your lover.  Set the scene with string lights, aromatherapy spray (no candles!), and a movie to snuggle up to.  Bonus points for hot cocoa and desert!
Learn how to create the perfect fort here.

3. Helicopter Tour

Experience a new perspective!


Share a unique memory with your partner in touring the city from new heights! Dazzling lights from amazing views… what more could you ask for? Want to kick it up a notch? Take pictures, and have them canvas printed to hang at your place. Looking at what a magical memory you shared together will be a gift for years to come.
Helicopter tours here.  Canvas printing here. Create memories AND artwork!


Click here for even more ideas you and your sweetie can experience together.

Let’s talk about a forgotten (but oh so important) relationship on valentine’s day…FRIENDSHIP! Whether you’re couple’d or not, you should take some time to celebrate those amazing people that you’ve come to know as your friends, even better described as your chosen family.
As experience has it, Galentine’s Day brunch / Bro Brunch is the best way to collectively celebrate the wonderful people you have in your life.  Even better than that- it’s super inclusive! You may have different groups of friends that have only met each other a few times, if any at all.  Bringing those you care for together is not only a fantastic way to make and bond new friends, but it is also great to create new networks of friends by opening up the invite to friends of friends!
Let the good times roll!

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