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Where we work. More and more, we associate our place of employment with a descriptive part of who we are as individuals, and with good reason! Our coworkers and us are a direct reflection of our company’s goals, visions, achievements, and so much more.
While we should continuously celebrate and motivate each other without needing a specific reason, Employee Appreciation Day gives everyone a little reminder to consider those that make your company great.  Show your employees you value all that they do! Investigate any or all of these great perks and team-building ideas for E A Day, but not just for the day itself.

Celebrate with Food!

Giving the gift of food is a sure-fire way to let your employees know that they’re appreciated.
On the day: Take them out to lunch as a group and get to know them on a personal level. Not only will they feel special because of the gesture, but also because you took time with them to interact outside of the office.

As an employee perk: Consider catered meals & subsidized lunch services.  Meetings can be mundane, why don’t you perk everyone up with lunch!
Our suggestions for either service: ZeroCater and Fooda

Have a Team-Building Excursion!

Sometimes we’re so focused on our own projects and deadlines that we lose sight of coworker communication. Take them to a place where the stressors of the office are far removed.  Coworker bonding is an overlooked yet undervalued aspect of creating harmony and collaboration within your work environment.  Some creative ideas include:
Escape Room
Chopping Block

Creative Time-off!

Forbes: The Summer Friday Is The New ‘It’ Perk Among Employers
LA Times: Leave work early on Friday’s this summer? More Companies say Yes
Fast Company: We offered unlimited vacation for 1 year. Here’s what we learned. 

Institute Mentor program!

Adding an optional yet encouraged mentorship program in your office can stimulate and motivate employees.  Taking someone under your wing, especially of less seniority and on a similar career path, makes them feel more confident in their work, and more apt to make the mentor proud, thus building and advancing skills necessary to grow as a professional.  If this is a mentorship between an employee and their direct report, incentives and goal attainment benchmarks can be a very mutually beneficial.

Consider reading Chronus:  The Top 5 Workplace Mentoring Program Types

Celebrate your coworkers on Social Media!

Group photos, sales competition winner shout outs, company culture posts: all of these things can be added to your social media strategy to create a positive buzz in-house as well as with your followers and clientele.
Creative Click Media has a great article regarding getting employees on board with your social media presence as well as building rapport and enthusiasm for viewers. Click here to learn more.

Happy Employee Appreciation Day, All!

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