Sustainable Spring 🌼 DIY ideas, cleaning hacks, and ways to make you life a little greener


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Spring has sprung! Time for fresh air and some fresh ideas to spruce up your home front as well as your lifestyle.
The Spruce and Bustle have fantastic articles that walk you through tutorials on how to create a flower wreath, a Velcro rug, PVC wall planters, etc.

Click HERE for The Spruce: 25 Spring Decor Ideas You Can DIY
Click HERE for Bustle: 15 DIY Home Improvement Projects To Get You Ready For Spring, Because This Winter Has Been Long Enough


Sprucing up your living space with fresh decor is fantastic, but it won’t be as thoroughly enjoyed if you do not tackle your spring cleaning plans.

Not sure how to start?  Home beautiful walks you through a slide show of cleaning projects to be proactive in keeping your home clean and maintained for years to come.  This article even provides cleaning tool suggestions and recommendations on application.

Click HERE for Home Beautiful: 20 Things You Should Deep Clean This Spring


Why stop at tidying up and decorating for the warmer months? There are many small ways to create a more environmentally friendly existence without exerting yourself or your wallet.

At the grocery store…
Become a more sustainable grocery shopper.  Examples of this would be purchasing pasture-raised meats and learning how to purchase less packaged foods. HowGood via Parents has explained the high points of sustainable shopping as well as provided the link to HowGood.  They even have an app!

In the home…
Understanding and honing in on our own waste management practices can make a huge difference in the way we feel as well as the way we treat our world. Take some ideas from these articles and get a better understanding of your usage tendencies. You may be able to cut-back or be more strategic with your habits- that’s always a good feeling.

Click HERE for Make a Wish: Ten Easy Ways To Live A More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle
Click HERE for Greatist: 41 Eco-Friendly Tips to Save Cash
Click HERE for The Alternative Daily: 10 Ways To Be More Environmentally Friendly Daily

No better time than springtime to get moving on the projects and any lifestyle initiatives you’ve been considering this year!

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