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Written by Lindsey 1/15/2018

There is no denying that “Chiberia” is in full effect.  Streets are snow-covered, sidewalks are slippery and wind burn is the new suntan.  Be that as it may, Chicagoan spirits never falter, and we find a way to get out and have some good, warm fun.
We’ve Compiled a short list of things to do during these cold months that are sure to inspire even the most tenacious of hibernators to venture out and enjoy the city. 

#1 Museum Day
This is a no-brainer.  Linked below are museums with all of their current exhibits. Happy Learning!

(Multiple values)

Science & Industry


Adler planetarium

Field Museum

Art Institute 

Get your CityPass here for discounted tickets. 

#2 Relive your Childhood
Nothing says “It’s Winter” better than a night of bowling or a movie, except when you can do that and more in the same building!
322 E Illinois St Chicago, IL 60611
This location houses FTW, AMC River East, and Lucky Strike.  One-stop for dinner, drinks, games, bowling, movies, etc.  So much fun packed into one place! 


#3 Sur La Table

Cold out… √
Don’t have groceries…√
Sick of the same stuff you always cook…√
Want to learn a new skill and impress your loved ones…√
Sur La Table is quite possibly one of my favorite winter activities.  You learn, create, and get to enjoy the fruits of your labor.  

Click here for the 900 N Michigan location for their class schedule! 

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