Eligo CEO says “This is What Makes a Great Investor” in Fortune magazine

Incubators aren’t always worth the cost.

The Entrepreneur Insiders network is an online community where the most thoughtful and influential people in America’s startup scene contribute answers to timely questions about entrepreneurship and careers. Today’s answer to the question “What’s the best way for young startup owners to develop relationships with angel investors?” is written by Alexander Goldstein, founder and CEO of Eligo Energy.

As an angel investor and an entrepreneur, I can say firsthand that having smart, motivated investors is critical to the success of your startup. The right investors can open doors, identify and help resolve potential problems, and connect you with other investors. The best investors will actively scrutinize your startup and help you anticipate potential problems, often at the expense of telling you that you are heading in the wrong direction.

Continue reading at Great Investor

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